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As part of your analysis to provide the most suitable finance option for your client it is important to look at secured loans - as well as a further advance with the existing lender - and remortgages.

Here is a brief outline of the best secured loan deals available at 65% Loan to Value.  AJP takes responsiblity for accuracy of information here as per the date on the bottom of your printout.

Note that these are the best deals; and are dependent on income and affordability, credit searching and scoring, client age, property valuation, and legal matters.

Where the secured loan deal is worth considering further, contact AJP on 020 7736 0916 or; and we will provide a full bespoke quote for you and your client's consideration. 

Residential Secured Loans:

Loan size Variable /
 Fixed etc
  Rate %   Upfront
Lender fee
added (£)
fee added (£)
to £500k Variable   3.85%   0 345 1995-2495   None
to £500k 2 year fixed   4.28%   0 495 1995-2495   None
to £500k 3 year fixed   4.35%   0 495 1995-2495   None
to £500k 5 year fixed   4.60%   0 495 1995-2495   None